Something needs to be said about Skyler White (AGAIN!)

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I swear sometimes I really don't feel like writing meta, but then you guys do some shit that has me working OVERTIME

Skyler White hate is really annoying to me. For the record I don’t think she should be glorified more than any other character on the show, but the pure hatred that some people have toward her is getting ridiculous. Here’s what I mean:


The Ted Thing – Now, get this people, the main complaint I see amongst the fandom is that Skyler is some evil harlot because she kicked Walt out and wanted separation from him and then (even though she was clearly hesitant for a while) fell into Ted’s charm. Of course such an affair didn’t quite last and in all honesty it wasn’t much of an affair to begin with. My point isn’t that. My point is that throughout this same period of time we seem to forget that Walt ALSO made his own passes at members of the opposite sex. The problem here? Walt tried to hook up with someone THAT DIDN’T WANT HIM.

Sure, Skyler did things with Ted that she definitely isn’t proud of, but she did not go out of her way to creep on the guy and then be baffled by rejection. This isn’t me trying to speak on justices of man vs. woman because I could give less of a shit about that aspect. All I’m saying is that Skyler was seen as desirable and Walt wasn’t, and Walt’s not at all to blame just because he FAILED at having something with someone else. Maybe it is a thing people just forgot. Maybe it’s just easier to see that Ted wasn’t that fantastic of a guy and blame Skyler for letting this doofus trick her into a bad spot. Regardless, at the very least, they both were wrong. It isn’t a one way street here.

And then the money situation - Yeah, I’m only gonna say that if Skyler DIDN’T help Ted out then she was going to be put in a terrible spot. Walt was going to be put in a terrible spot. She did exactly what she had to do to protect all of their interests and people blaming her for that when Walt’s fearful pride is the ONLY reason he went searching for that money again in the first place is extra dumb. Walt forced Gus’ hand on that one. Gus never outright threatened the guy for no reason. If Walt had just shut his damn mouth and kept himself out of it then he wouldn’t have NEEDED that money, yet he got cocky and got shut down and came home crying to Skyler.

Now as far Skyler herself goes - Yes, she’s a control freak. Yes, she’s not exactly the most understanding person or the greatest listener. She can get really self-centered at times and she can also be needy to a degree. The things I’m describing are mainly just glimpses of her personality from earlier seasons. I can understand why some people would be irritated by Skyler at first (trust me I was one of those people). It’s perfectly reasonable to not like this character because she’s just not all THAT likeable when you meet her. What I’m really struggling to get is how people have come to hate who she is NOW. Cooking meth isn’t what Walter needed to finally connect with his wife. He didn’t need to become some crazy drug lord to finally feel like a man at home. You know what would have done that? Talking to the woman. He never even TRIED to fight the way she’d control the household because he simply gave up in life when he settled down with her. You could see it in the guy’s face that he probably left everything he ever loved behind at Grey Matter and never even bothered to turn back to it.

None of that is SKYLER’S fault and it’s more or less Walt’s own problems. She didn’t ask to marry a man that probably doesn’t love her as much as he thought he would. She didn’t ask to live in a home filled with panic and fear. That’s what she’s getting though and that’s not fair to her in the slightest bit. So many people want to sit here and dictate whether or not Skyler hate comes from Walt love, but to me it’s just a misunderstanding of how this character has progressed. She’s always been in Walt’s way in some form, but now that Walt’s the one causing danger to his environment she’s the only force (along with Jesse) that could really pose any threat to him. There’s just a large section of this fandom that doesn’t agree with her as a character because her marriage with Walt has always been one sided. It’s either her over Walt or Walt over her. They’re always against each other and even Skyler’s ploy to get involved was a way to stand over his shoulder.

Should you like Skyler? No, I’m not telling you to. Personally I do, but I can understand those that don’t. At the very least you should try to UNDERSTAND Skyler before you start throwing hatred at her and the fandom surrounding her. This is not an issue of man vs. woman or “this dumb bitch needs to die” or any of that going on. If you really think of Skyler as some whore or bitch that should stay out of Walt’s way then I sadly don’t think you even get what this show is going for. I’m not talking to a majority of the people out there because I honestly do believe that a lot of you guys do get that, but I had a friend personally ask “when is Skyler gonna stop whoring it out?” as they run through the earlier seasons. The Skyler White tag is a mess of bullshit as well. I don’t know what the deal is. I really can’t tell you, but I have to ask just WHAT makes Skyler so hateable right now?

People can hate her and people can love her. I’m not asking any of you to feel differently. Just for the love of all that stand do not be so ignorant to see how complex and amazing these characters really are.

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